Gait Analysis

Who might want a gait analysis assessment?

Harrigan Physiotherapy provides assessment and advice for all types of runners and walkers who would like to learn more about their style of gait, risk of injury or choice of footwear for their preferred activities.

Why it might be useful?

You may be new to running and keen to be sure your feet and legs are up to the job, you may be concerned to avoid injury while progressing your training or you may simply want a better understanding of your foot.

What is involved?

The 20-30 minute session starts with a physical examination of your feet and ankles to assess their structure and joint motion. Your overall posture while standing is assessed to identify any anomalies in your upper body, trunk and lower limbs. Your gait in walking and running on a treadmill is then observed and captured on video to allow slow-motion replay. Your style of gait, together with any anomalies or risk factors for injury, can be identified and discussed. You will be advised regarding your future choice of sport and regular footwear.