At Harrigan Physiotherapy Clinic we pride ourselves on our professionalism and clinical excellence, patients that present to our clinic often that is relatively new (Acute) or perhaps something that has persisted for a long period of time (Chronic).

These issues vary greatly as the human body in particular the Musculoskeletal System is a complex and intricate series of joints, muscles, nerves and connective tissue (Ligaments & Tendons).


For various reasons these structures can become injured; perhaps they are painful or movement is restricted. We aim to assess your complaint in a timely manner and make recommendations regarding treatment and injury management that will put you on course to resolving your issue.

We employ a modern and scientific approach in order to best establish the source of your symptoms and then with your informed agreement we will implement a treatment plan with a view to resolving your injury as quickly as possible. We regularly work with patients, General Practitioners or Consultant Specialists in order to improve treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.




Custom Orthotic Devices (Foot Pressure Assessment)


Gait Analysis (Walking, Running) Utilising a Treadmill & Dartfish Software


Musculoskeletal & Orthopaedic Testing of various joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves as required


Referral for MRI Scan if required


Referral to General Practitioner or Specialist for Medical Management if required


Medicolegal Services





Dry Needling


Shockwave Therapy


Exercise Based Rehabilitation




Electrotherapy (TENs)


Joint Mobilsation / Manipulation